Bringing Your Special Moments to Life with Personal, World-Class Saxophone Performance

SaxCameos aims to enrich life's special moments with the soulful sound of the saxophone. Its mission is to deliver personalized musical experiences that create lasting memories, celebrating the power of music to connect and uplift.

The SaxCameos Story

The Journey of SaxCameos: From Global Stages to Personalized Performances

From international arenas to intimate venues, Fernando Diez's saxophone career bridges the gap between worldwide recognition and his deep passion for music. He's graced stages worldwide, collaborating with renowned acts like Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine and KC & The Sunshine Band. His saxophone, the quintessential  instrument of emotion and energy, has captivated audiences in diverse venues, establishing him as a distinguished musician in the Miami scene and beyond.

The concept of SaxCameos arose from Fernando's passion for bringing his musical expertise into more personal settings. He envisioned a service that would not only showcase his professional talent but also create intimate, memorable experiences. SaxCameos is the realization of that vision, offering an accessible way for individuals to add the magic of a live saxophone performance to their own special events.

SaxCameos embraces our increasingly digital world through its personalized video performances. This innovative aspect of the service was inspired by Fernando's desire to extend the reach of his music, connecting with people wherever they might be. Whether it’s a heartfelt serenade in a video or a lively performance at a live event, SaxCameos is about sharing the joy of music and creating moments that resonate with warmth and authenticity.

Fernando Diez, Founder of SaxCameos

Fernando Diez: Saxophonist to the Stars

Fernando Diez's biography reflects a remarkable journey through the world of music, marked by his contributions to iconic bands and collaborations with legendary artists. A key member of Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine and a former presence in KC & The Sunshine Band, Fernando has showcased his saxophone skills in over 30 countries, demonstrating versatility as a sideman, performer, and soloist. His collaborations read like a who's who of the music world, including the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz, as well as Gloria Gaynor, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, and Willy Chirino.

Inheriting a rich musical legacy as the grandson of the acclaimed Cuban singer Barbarito Diez, Fernando has honored this heritage with a distinguished career of his own. His talents extend to composing and arranging, notably with The Latin Jazz Crew, where he joined forces with Eddy “Guagua” Rivera of Fania All Stars fame. Their performances have lit up stages at international jazz festivals, including Heineken in Puerto Rico, JVC in Miami Beach, Barranquijazz in Colombia, Toros y Salsa in France, and the Curazao Jazz Festival.

Fernando's collaborations span a diverse array of musical giants, from Carlos Santana and Kenny G to John Legend and Bette Midler. His adaptability and stage presence have made him a staple in Miami’s music venues such as Giselle Miami, Chica, and Runway 84, as well as past appearances at Kubacabana, Bagatelle, LIV, and others.

More than a performer, Fernando is a creator and innovator, constantly exploring new musical landscapes, his influence on Miami's music scene undeniable. He merges traditional influences with modern flair, creating a unique sound that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. His performances are not just concerts — they're a celebration of music's power to connect and inspire, leaving a lasting imprint on the heart of every listener.

Artists Fernando has performed with

SaxCameos Core Values

Elevating Moments into Memories

SaxCameos, founded by the renowned Fernando Diez, is rooted in the power of music to turn every occasion into an extraordinary experience.

Creating Joyful and Lasting Memories

Fernando's is dedicated to infusing fun and creating memories that last a lifetime. Each performance is crafted to leave a lasting impression, turning every event into a joyful celebration.

Unique and Personalized Experiences

At the heart of SaxCameos is the promise of personalization. Fernando tailors every performance to reflect your unique preferences, ensuring your experience is as special and individual as you are.

Delivering World-Class Musical Talent

With his world-class skill, passion, and commitment to excellence, Fernando elevates each performance, transforming every occasion into an extraordinary experience.